Uzebox JAMMA

Uzebox JAMMA arcade development board
Current revision: C

The Uzebox JAMMA is an open source retro-minimalist 8-bit arcade development board based on the Uzebox Project ( Driven by the ATmega644 AVR microcontroller by Atmel, this device can be easily programmed in the C programming language. Video generation, tile generation, and music mixing are done in real time by the ATmega’s interrupt routine.

The goal of the Uzebox JAMMA was to make homebrew arcade game development as simple as possible with good enough graphics and sound capabilities for creative games. With the use of SD card storage, games can be shared amongst users and easily loaded onto the Uzebox JAMMA.


-64KB program space
-2KB EEPROM space (High score saving and “virtual DIP switches”)
-SD card support
-Audio amplifier
-ISP interface
-Expansion header
-Running at 28.63636 MHz
-256 simultaneous colors
-4 channel sound engine
-Various video modes (Tile based, sprites, scrolling, vector, bitmapped
-Screen resolutions up to 360×224


Kit: $65
Pre-assembled: $80


Manual: Uzebox JAMMA Revision C manual
Assembly Guide: Uzebox JAMMA kit manual C1
Schematic: Uzebox JAMMA Rev C Schematic
Contact Basement Hobbies( for ordering details.
Sources: Eagle Schematic and PCB layout

Other downloads:

Uzebox JAMMA Revision B manual


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